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    2020-2-4 · The behavior of arsenic in rocks, sediments, and soils is controlled strongly by its speciation in minerals and amorphous solids, and this in turn has important implications for understanding arsenic fate and transport in systems ranging from low temperature (e.g. aquifers and soils) to medium and high temperature (e.g. hydrothermal, igneous, and metamorphic

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    2018-2-8 · Occurrence of Arsenic Bearing Minerals. Enargite, tennantite, (copper/arsenic/su lfur minerals) and arsenopyrite (iron/arsenic/sulf ur) are

  • Treatment of Arsenic-Bearing Minerals and Fixation of

    Occurrence of Arsenic Bearing Minerals Enargite, tennantite, (copper/arsenic/sulfur minerals) and arsenopyrite (iron/arsenic/sulfur) are common copper/arsenic


    2021-1-1 · arsenic-bearing serpentine-group minerals: mineral synthesis with insights for the arsenic cycle


    2020-4-20 · Arsenic-bearing Mg clays crystallize in alkaline environments where AsO 4 3– or AsO 3 3– are the dominant As species and where high pH accompanies crystallization of serpentine, talc, chlorite, or Mg-smectite.

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    Arsenic-Bearing Minerals in Mining-Affected Environments Arsenic occurs in more than 300 minerals. These include arsenates ( ca. 60% of the 300 As-bearing minerals

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    Arsenic has four oxidation states (−3, 0, +3, +5) and is present in organic and inorganic forms [ 7 ]. Most common As-bearing ores are arsenopyrite (FeAsS), realgar (As 4 S 4), enargite

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    Common arsenic-bearing minerals include arsenopyrite, conichalcite, enargite, lollingite (iron arsenide), olivenite and orpiment. Arsenic is mined in

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    Arsenic partitioned more into Fe minerals than Al-/Ca-bearing minerals and UC during high-As bituminous coal burning.

  • The mineralogy of Arsenic Mines,

    Valid Minerals listed with element and Arsenic % of As minerals Relative to % in all minerals; Oxygen: 1340 minerals with As and O: 68.86%: 10.08% lower: Hydrogen: 1072 minerals with As and H: 55.09%: 3.14% higher: Sulfur: 503 minerals with As and S: 25.85%: 29.28% higher: Copper: 477 minerals with As and Cu: 24.51%: 95.41% higher: Iron: 402 minerals with As and


    2021-1-1 · arsenic-bearing serpentine-group minerals: mineral synthesis with insights for the arsenic cycle

  • Arsenic-bearing Vanadinite: Mineral information, data

    A variety of Vanadinite Apatite Supergroup, Pyromorphite Subgroup. A variety of Vanadinite containing arsenic in substitution for V up to As:V = 1:1, an intermediate between Vanadinite and Mimetite in composition (Mimetite-Vanadinite Series).Originally reported from Hillsboro, Hillsboro District, Sierra Co.,

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    Arsenic-bearing minerals may form within igneous intrusive or metamorphic rocks. Hydrothermal environments including hot springs, certain volcanic environments, and areas of contact metamorphism may host arsenic-bearing minerals. Arsenic may also form in igneous pegmatite rocks. Arsenic is often associated with metallic or sulfide deposits such

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    Arsenic Crystallization Technology (ACT) is a potentially eco-friendly, effective technology for stabilization of arsenic-bearing solid residuals (ABSRs). The strategy is to convert ABSRs generated by water treatment facilities into minerals with a high arsenic capacity and long-term stability in mature, municipal solid waste landfills.

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    The toxicity of arsenic is disclosed after the dissolution of the mineral, which raises two important questions: (1) why do microorganisms dissolve arsenic-bearing minerals and release this metal into the environment in a toxic (also for themselves) form, and (2) How do these microorganisms cope with this toxic element?

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    2013-10-11 · Arsenic minerals are also found as impurities (as minor ores) in the ores of other metals such as gold or copper. Arsenopyrite is very often found in gold ores, while enargite (Cu 3 AsS 4) and tennantite ((Cu,Fe) 12 As 4 S 13) are the most common arsenic-bearing minerals associated with copper sulfide ore bodies . Moreover, the fine fraction of

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    2010-1-11 · products of the roasting of arsenic-bearing ore minerals or coal. Condensation of combustion vapors makes “white arsenic” powder characteristic of arsenic trioxide (National Research Council 1977). The arsenolite structure is some-what unusual, consisting of [As 4O 6] cages linked by bridg-ing oxygen atoms (FIG. 2). Arsenic trioxides are

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    2013-1-9 · Arsenic is widely distributed in the Earth's crust, occurring in trace amounts (average crustal abundance =1.5 mg/kg), predominantly in minerals of igneous and sedimentary rocks and soils (Plant et al. 2005).Some arsenic-bearing minerals, such as arsenides and sulfarsenides, are considered non-toxic because they are highly insoluble.

  • Arsenic transformation and mobilization from

    Arsenic mobilization studies from arsenopyrite (FeAsS) mineral, conducted with strain WAO at circumneutral pH, showed microbially enhanced mobilization of arsenic and complete oxidation of released arsenic and sulfur to stoichiometric amounts of arsenate and sulfate. In addition, WAO preferentially colonized pyrite on the surface of arsenic

  • Arsenic release and transport during oxidative

    In the experimental setups the As-bearing sulfide minerals were embedded, with different concentrations and spatial distributions, into a sandy matrix under anoxic conditions. Oxic water flushed in the flow-through setups triggered the oxidative dissolution of the reactive minerals, the release of arsenic, as well as changes in pore water

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